Mu Beta Psi is one of the nation’s oldest music fraternities. Founded on the campus of North Carolina State University in November of 1925, we serve four main purposes:

-To honor men and women who devote their time and effort to music organizations at our member schools
-To stimulate interest in music organizations at our member schools
-To promote music as an educational subject
-To actively promote fellowship among musicians

We are a group of men and women from many places with many interests sharing a common love of music. Mu Beta Psi provides a unique opportunity for students with an interest in music to serve together.

Mu Beta Psi is..

Brothers are selected for their love of music and commitment to its advancement within their university and community, while maintaining academic excellence.

The Brothers of Mu Beta Psi provide service to musical organizations on their campuses, including ushering university sponsored concerts, assisting in planning concerts or recitals, and hosting receptions for visiting artists.

Social gatherings within the Fraternity and with other groups include intramural sports, talent shows, and fundraisers. Such activities make us an integral part of the collegiate community.

The Brothers of Mu Beta Psi are united by a love for music and a desire to promote it within the community. Brotherhood is the most rewarding and fulfilling aspect of our Fraternity life.

Facts About Mu Beta Psi

-Mu Beta Psi currently has Brothers at six collegiate Chapters in five states, plus a national Alumni Association.
-Mu Beta Psi is a student-led organization, with Brothers organizing, leading, and participating in Chapter activities. Faculty advisers provide direction only as needed.
-Founded as an all-male organization, Mu Beta Psi became co-ed in the late 1960’s. Uniquely, all members, whether male or female, are called “Brothers”.
-Membership in Mu Beta Psi is not limited to music majors. By drawing in musicians of every discipline, Mu Beta Psi helps to unify the music community.