Interview: Brad Kizar

1.What made you decide to come to Rutgers?

I had visited some other campuses, and I really liked the size of Rutgers. I thought there would be a lot of opportunities here because of how big and diverse it was, and I was correct.

2. What has your Rutgers experience been like so far extra curriculars, favorite classes, etc.)

I’ve been active in a couple of clubs. I’ve been in the marching band, and I’m obviously in Mu Beta Psi. A few of my favorite classes were public speaking, jazz appreciation, and a special finance seminar that I’m taking right now this semester. For jazz appreciation, I liked getting to experience a different type of music than I’d normally listen to. I’m more of a rock guy, so getting to listen to jazz was pretty cool. Public speaking was just a really fun class, and I feel a lot better about public speaking after taking it, so I’d recommend it (or an equivalent). The finance seminar isn’t like any other class I’ve ever taken, which is really cool. You just sit there and discuss current events. We’re doing an applied portfolio management over the course of this year and next year.  

3. What made you choose your instrument?

There’s a little bit of a story behind this one. I chose my instrument because I was given the offer between a tenor saxophone and a baritone horn. Tenor sounds like my middle name (Tanner), so I picked it, and I did not regret it.

4. What made you decide to join MBPsi?

I was looking for an avenue to do community service again, and I was looking to hang out with like-minded people who were interested in doing that. The music aspect was a nice bonus. I joined my sophomore year, and I was really just looking for more things to get involved with on campus.

5. What has being in MBPsi been like for you?

I have had a blast. I’ve made a lot of really good friends; I’ve gotten a lot of cool experiences out of it (like going and cleaning up the Rutgers Gardens). I’ve actually worked with some Brothers on a couple passion projects too, which is really neat. For my game Space Crab 2, I had a Brother play trumpet on one of the songs, and another Brother, Andy Rears, coded the game. We’ve got yet another one, John Hoban, helping us do updates for it, so it’s been really cool seeing everyone being involved with it.

6. Favorite memory in MBPsi?

I think one of my favorite stories was going and just hanging out at the Rutgers Gardens. We hiked along the trail and went out by the water. It was a really nice day, and it was a really cool experience. I had a great time.

7. What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I write songs, do some animations (I started doing that last year), play video games, read books, hang out with friends, watch movies- kind of standard stuff.

8. Do you have any advice for anyone interested in joining MBPsi/looking to get more involved/general life advice?

Advice for people looking to get involved is that there is absolutely something out there that you can get involved in. It might take a little searching, but there’s definitely something you can find that you can do, and it’s worth looking because you get a lot of great experiences out of it like I have here.