Interview: Katelyn Spina

1.What made you decide to come to Rutgers?

Many of my family members attended Rutgers so I grew up going to games, etc. I also liked that Rutgers is a big place with many opportunities, and it is close to home.

2. What has your Rutgers experience been like so far (extra curriculars, favorite classes, etc.)?

I have been involved in many clubs and activities in addition to the Fraternity including oceanography club, landscape architecture club, and pep band. I have also held various leadership positions in these clubs. Additionally, I have taken classes in a wide variety of subject areas since I am majoring in Environmental Planning and Design and minoring in Marine Sciences and Geological Sciences. In the summer of 2019, I was an intern at Rutgers Gardens, and I still work there today! I have had a great experience at Rutgers so far and am very thankful for all of the opportunities I have had!

3. What made you choose your instrument?

Until freshman year of high school, I played the alto sax. I picked the sax because I was into jazz music when I was younger. I then switched to mellophone for marching band and french horn for concert band because my director needed more people to learn these instruments since no one came into high school knowing these instruments. Additionally, I thought it would be fun to learn a new instrument after playing the sax for 6 years.

4. What made you decide to join Mu Beta Psi?

I wanted to be in an organization where everyone was as passionate about music as I am, and I wanted the chance to make more friends. Additionally, I have always been involved in community service, so I liked that service was a big part of MBPsi.

5. What has being in Mu Beta Psi been like for you?

It has been great! I have learned a lot about myself and have been able to hold multiple leadership positions. I have also met many wonderful people!

6. Do you have a favorite memory in Mu Beta Psi?

There are so many memories, but some of my favorite are volunteering at Relay for Life and playing in the annual softball game at the Alumni Picnic!

7. What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to relax and watch Netflix, but I don’t have much free time.

8. Do you have any advice for anyone interested in joining Mu Beta Psi or looking to get more involved?

MBPsi is a great choice if you are passionate about music and want to volunteer at various events around campus, AND meet great people! Although it can be a lot of work to become a Member-in-Training and be in a Fraternity, it is well worth it and we are all here for you!