Interview: Reed Nirschl

1.What made you decide to come to Rutgers?

I was on spring break my senior year of high school, and I woke up one morning and decided I wanted to go to Rutgers. It was also my favorite school that I visited when looking at colleges. 

2. What has your Rutgers experience been like so far (extra curriculars, favorite classes, etc.)?

Marching band and pep band are my absolute favorite activities in school. This semester (Spring 2020) I am taking 19 credits and really learning how to manage my time. My favorite classes have been the ones on the farm because I get to pet all the adorable animals. 

3. What made you choose your instrument?

I originally played flute starting in 5th grade because it was the quietest instrument my school offered, and my mom made me pick it. I’d always wanted to play saxophone, so for Valentine’s Day sophomore year of high school, my mom rented me an alto sax. I began taking lessons with my high school band director and joined my high school jazz band for two years. I decided to play tenor for marching band in college because I thought it was cooler than alto. 

4. What made you decide to join Mu Beta Psi?

Music has made a huge impact on my life in ways that I never really expected it to. In 8th grade I didn’t even want to do marching band in high school. Now, I can’t imagine my life without it. I’ve made so many amazing friends through music, and I wanted to make even more. There is really a special bond between everyone you talk to in the Fraternity, even if it’s your first time talking to them. I also wanted to start doing more community service since I was really involved in helping the community during high school. It is really rewarding to know you can do so many good things with good people. 

5. What has being in Mu Beta Psi been like for you?

So far, I have made so many fun memories and friends and it’s only been one semester!

6. Do you have a favorite memory in Mu Beta Psi?

I really enjoyed my Member-in-Training Class’s Retreat. It was hard taking care of two twin children at first but we managed. It’s always a good time when it’s 3 am and no one can stop laughing. 

7. What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to paint, eat, get coffee, play guitar, and sing with my roommates no matter how off-key we can get. 

8. Do you have any advice for anyone interested in joining Mu Beta Psi or looking to get more involved?

Do it! Attend the rush events, talk to Brothers- it will benefit you in less time than you are even aware of! I was really nervous at first and it took me 3 semesters to join, but I am already so thankful that I did.